Braces For Teens

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Braces For Teens

The teenage years have many rites of passage—puberty, new school, and a driver’s license. In addition, for 80% of teenagers, this also includes getting braces.
Teenagers have more pliable jaw bones that are not as rigidly fused as an adult patient—making it easier to move teeth, shape the smile, and correct the bite.
Transforming your teen’s smile can improve their self-confidence, and help their physical health. If left unaddressed, alignment issues can lead to cavities and gum disease. It is harder to clean asymmetrical teeth,  so plaque and food particles get trapped in these uneven surfaces. As these rotting bits of food gather in their mouth, they are more likely to develop cavities.  Once teeth are in a correct pattern, maintenance like flossing and brushing,  is more effective. Correcting an alignment can help you save money on future dental issues.


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